Seminar: Communication and Information Theory

ECE Women Community

Joint Source–Channel Coding Under an Input Energy Constraint

Date: November,25,2021 Start Time: 14:30 - 15:30
Location: 1061, Meyer Building
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Lecturer: Omry Lev
Affiliations: Tel Aviv University

We study the problem of transmitting a source with minimum distortion over an infinite-bandwidth additive white Gaussian noise channel under an energy constraint. When each source sample is encoded separately, we construct a communication scheme using analog pulse position modulation (PPM), whose quadratic distortion attains both the exponential and polynomial decay orders of Burnashev’s outer bound. When the noise level is not known, we construct a universal scheme that employs modulo-lattice modulation with analog PPM layers, and show that it requires less energy compared to existing solutions to achieve the same quadratically decaying distortion profile with the energy-to-distortion ratio.



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