Seminar: ACRC

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Power efficiency in the next generation of 5G-6G analog front-ends

Date: October,06,2021 Start Time: 16:30 - 17:30 Location: zoom Add to:
Lecturer: Prof. Antonio Liscidini
Affiliations: University of Toronto, Canada

Nowadays, both digital and analog electronics are reaching fundamental limits that will require revolutionary approaches to satisfy the power/bandwidth requirements of the next generation of data-driven applications.

After a brief overview of the modern wireless transceiver architecture, some key elements that will characterize 5G and 6G networks will be discussed. The talk will continue by analyzing the power efficiency of the analog signal processing by highlighting the presence of a thermodynamic upper-bound which relates dynamic range, bandwidth and power dissipation. Alternative strategies to circumvent this limit will be discusses such as adaptivity, passive time-variant signal processing and quantized analog signal processing. In particular, the latter represents a novel approach where the analog and digital domain are fused together in a more fluid scenario compared to traditional mixed-signal circuits. This operation leads to superior power efficiency and flexibility.

The effectiveness of the proposed solutions will be demonstrated through simulations and measurement results on different prototypes.


Where: Zoom session, link will be provided after the registration



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