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Verifying Modern VLSI Designs with Formal Technologies

Date: January,27,2022 Start Time: 11:30 - 13:30 Add to:
Lecturer: Dr. Ziyad Hana
Affiliations: Corporate VP, Cadence Design systems

Over 80% of the cost of modern chip design is spent on functional verification and software bring up, which has become a real limiter to introducing new products for the fast emerging chip design market.

To cope with the high complexity verification tasks, the industry strives to apply a plethora  of verification techniques based on functional simulation, emulation, software prototyping, verification IP, coverage and many more techniques. Formal verification technology has emerged in the last decade to become a key technology to drive the quality and productivity of verification engineers. In this lecture, you will be introduced to the basic concepts of formal specification and verification technologies, outline the various verification problems that are solved using formal applications, and outline advanced research and development methods in formal domain including machine learning to keep driving the scalability and application of formal verification.

Ziyad Hanna, Ph.D., is Currently a corporate VP at Cadence Design Systems (CDNS), and the general manager of Cadence Israel. leading R&D centers in various countries, in the domain of electronic design automation. Prior to joining Cadence Design Systems, Prof. Hanna was a Senior VP at Jasper Design Automation, which was acquired by Cadence in 2014. At Jasper, Prof. Hanna was responsible for advancing the company’s breakthroughs in the fast-emerging domain of formal verification technology and applications. Prof. Hanna was also an Intel Senior Principal Engineer and R&D Group Leader at Intel Haifa, where he was instrumental in the development of several generations of formal verification systems, which were used on almost all Intel microprocessor designs since early 1990s, and was twice the recipient of Intel’s highest Achievement Award (IAA). He received both his BSc and MS degrees in Computer Science at Tel Aviv University, and his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Oxford – UK. Besides his leadership at Cadence, Prof. Hanna is currently serving as a visiting professor of Computer Science at Oxford. Prof. Hanna is a senior IEEE member, holds 15 patents, and has published more than 80 papers and talks in his domains of interests.


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