About Us

About Us

ECE Women Community


Our faculty acts as a center for excellence in applied and basic research, advancing knowledge in electrical and computer engineering throughout the world. Our activities constitute an important facet of the technological and scientific infrastructure of Israel. For facts, figures, and our ranking, see the details below:

The Faculty of Electrical And Computer Engineering at the Technion is ranked as an elite international institution.

More than 400 registered patents of our faculty members, world-renowned researchers.

Largest number of Allon Fellows awarded to any department in any discipline in Israeli universities

70% of CEOs and VPs of high-tech industries in Israel are Technion-EE graduates

More than 1600 companies founded/managed by Technion alumni in 20 years

In areas of information theory, computer networks, and stochastic processes Technion is second to none

For 20 years, every 2 weeks, more than one company founded/managed by Technion-EE alumni

Main dynamo of the Israeli high-tech industry

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