IAP – Industry Relations and Collaborations

IAP – Industry Relations and Collaborations

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The Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty is an academic, technological-research based institution, and is also one of the leading bodies worldwide developing human capital, leadership and innovation, acting towards the advancement of the humanity and the State of Israel.

The Vision of the Industry Relations Club:

The ECE would like to both encompass and initiate collaboration with the various non-academic industrial bodies, so that to bring the faculty’s vision to life in general and in order to develop the Israeli industry in particular.

The Aims of the Industry Relations Club:

The Developing of Human Capital

Planning teaching: Developing a collaboration between the industrial bodies and the academic ones, so that to properly adapt the teaching methods and produce the learner skills required.

Incorporating the industrial forces into student instruction: by new information and knowledge transmission, by helping in teaching (by joining in to give lectures and assignments), by proposing and supervising new projects, by generating motivation and providing the academic studies with a larger perspective.

Developing research collaboration so that to detect and foresee industry-based research issues.

Developing mutual aid and resource-sharing (including manpower, equipment and access to information).

Enhancing leadership and team-work

Harnessing the potential of the industrial sector, so that to develop leadership among students and to form exceptional electrical and computer engineers.

Generating and transmitting knowledge

Encouraging collaboration with the industrial sector so that to promote knowledge and research cooperation on all levels, including the graduates of the faculty.

Advancing Israel and the Humanity

This Industrial Club, with its ties and connections, shall be a major factor in Israel’s advancement in the field of electrical and computer engineering. It will promote cooperation within the different industrial sectors and within society itself and shall foster the development and maintenance of quality workforce.

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