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Electrical Engineering – The Gateway to the High Tech

The Faculty of Electrical & Computer Engineering deals with a wide range of fields that encompass the high-tech professions, with electronics, computers, signal processing and communication.

Faculty graduates receive theoretical and practical training in all subjects related to electrical engineering – from the physical structure of the basic electronic devices, through the algorithms required and implemented in hardware and software, to a “view” of the system – whether in communications, control, computers, or software. Modern electrical engineering encompasses hardware and software systems based on electronic, optical, biological and other devices, and applied in all walks of life, such as medicine, arts and education, and of course in the commercial and military fields.

The areas of electrical engineering and computer systems are extremely dynamic. How to study for a future that is not yet born?

In order to enable resilience and integration with the expected changes, the faculty provides an extensive scientific and thorough background and maintains a high level of students and a high level of study. This is to enable faculty graduates to cope with current engineering problems as well as meet future challenges. As a result, faculty graduates hold leading positions in the Israeli high-tech industry.

All information about registration process can be found on the Irwin and Joan Jacobs Graduate School web site. Our goal is to give you the references that you can quickly and efficiently get to the information you need. For any questions, please contact the Faculty Graduate Studies Secretariat.

The Faculty Uniqueness

  • The faculty offers students challenging curricula, fascinating subjects of study, and a wide range of high-tech oriented specialties.
  • Students in the faculty are exposed to diverse fields of study from the very beginning of their studies, enabling them to make an informed choice in the area of ​​specialization they choose.
  • Faculty studies are supported by an extensive array of advanced laboratories and engineering infrastructure that enable hands-on experience in experiments and projects at the forefront of technology.
  • Faculty faculty are among the world’s leading researchers in their field
  • The Faculty is a major source for engineers and entrepreneurs in high technology such as: communication technologies, computer and software engineering, learning systems, nanotechnology, computer vision and more. 15,000 faculty graduates are the leaders and founders of the high-tech industry in the country, which account for 70% of company CEOs, which have led to major technological breakthroughs and economic successes that have greatly impacted the country’s economic strength.
  • The research and teaching environment in a dynamic and adaptive faculty for new technologies

Employment – Be Courted by High-Tech Companies Starting from the Second Year

Electrical engineering is among the most sought-after professions in the market.

The reputation of faculty graduates as top-level engineers ensures broad employment opportunities at all stages of the career.

Faculty students are constantly recruited by high-tech and advanced industries in Israel from the second year of study, and are sought after by these companies upon graduation at the highest salary levels in the market.

Faculty graduates are also recognized and sought after by leading companies in the world, and the doors of leading universities are open to master’s and doctoral studies.

The broad theoretical foundation and self-learning ability of faculty graduates gives them professional and personal advancement at all stages of the career, ensuring graduates remain leaders and aspire for a long career.


Where do you enroll in the Faculty of Electrical & Computer Engineering?

The entire registration process for the faculty and the acceptance of candidates is centrally managed by the Technion Registration and Reception Center. Appropriate links are listed below.

We would be happy to provide you with more information about the admissions and studies at the faculty.

Links to information and registration on the Technion site:

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