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Information for Candidates

The Andrew & Erna Viterbi Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering is one of the most distinguished faculties at the Technion. It was established in 1938, as the Department for Electromechanics at the Technology Faculty, in a building that was, back in the days, situated in the Hadar neighborhood.

Throughout the years, the faculty was responsible for forming the best engineers, leading Israel to the hi-tech nation status that it has acquired today. Some of them, helped bring major hi-tech companies to Israel and established MATAM Scientific and Industrial Park in Haifa.

In the beginning of each academic year, 400 students are enrolled for their B.Scs. at the faculty, with four possible different tracks (Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer and Software Engineering and Electrical Engineering -Physics.) The variety of tracks and courses provides students with an extensive exposure to the breadth of subjects encompassed by the field of Electrical Engineering, such as, signal and image processing, communication, photonics, machine and deep learning, to name but a few. The variety, the depth of subjects covered and the fact that the duration of the studies is that of 4 years, all guarantee that our faculty graduates become specialists in their field. It also opens them up to numerous career and employment opportunities.

The staff of the faculty includes 60 academic members (approximately), all of whom are leading researchers in their field. Thus, students get a first-hand opportunity of studying not only with the best lecturers but also with leading scientific figures.

The faculty has been ranked as one of the best institutions in the world by an international committee.

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