Prof. Inbar Gideon (deceased)

1934 - 2016

ECE Women Community

Birth place: North of the Dead Sea, Israel.

Title & Academic Qualifications: Prof. Emeritus

  • 1969: A PhD in Electrical Engineering, University of California Davis.
  • 1963: An MSc in Electrical Engineering, Yale University.
  • 1959: A BSc in in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Technion.

Career Highlights at the Technion and at the ECE faculty:

  • 1990-1986 Served as the Dean of Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty, Technion.
  • In 1970 joined the Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty at the Technion as an academic staff member.

Research Fields:

  • Biocybernetics
  • Biomedical Signal Analysis with an emphasis on the neuromuscular system


  • The holder of the Otto Barth Chair in Biomedical Sciences.


  • A member of the Israeli Association for Automatic Control.
  • A member of the Israeli Society for Physiology and Pharmacology.
  • A member of the Israeli Society of Biomedical and Medical Engineering.
  • Member and fellow of the IEEE.
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