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On-chip communication: from architectures to circuits

Date: March,22,2023 Start Time: 16:30 - 18:00 Add to:
Lecturer: Sr. Researcher Yvain Thonnart

On-chip communication directly impacts the performance, energy efficiency, and area of systems-on-chip, multi-processors, and highly-parallel accelerators, especially for emerging machine learning applications. In this talk, I will introduce a range of design options for on-chip interconnects, from point-to-point links to complex network topologies, starting from architecture to low-level circuit techniques. The presentation addresses base routing schemes and mapping of different protocol families, then moving on to microarchitecture, it presents flow-control and arbitration requirements and options. I will then detail circuit-level considerations, with a focus on different synchronization strategies across multiple clock domains, including multi-synchronous, source-synchronous-clocking, and fully-asynchronous circuits.


Yvain Thonnart received an MS degree from Ecole Polytechnique and an engineering diploma from Telecom Paris, France in 2005. He then joined the Technological Research Division of CEA, the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, within the CEA-Leti institute until 2019, then within the CEA-List institute. He has led the development of several large research projects for on-chip communications, focusing on the maturation of novel concepts towards industrial adoption, such as communication between multiple voltage and frequency domains, 3D-stacked circuits, and optical on-chip interconnects, leading to more than 70 publications and 10 patents. He is now a senior expert on communication and synchronization in systems on chip and a scientific advisor for the mixed-signal design lab. His main research interests include asynchronous logic, networks on chip, physical implementation, e and merging technologies integration such as photonics, cryoelectronics, and interposers. He is currently serving on the technical program committee of the ISSCC.

Where: Zoom session, link will be provided upon registration.

Registration: ACRC webinar by Yvain Thonnart.



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