Prof Bar-Lev Adir (deceased)

1929 - 2012

In Memoriam

ECE Women Community

Birth place: Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Title & Academic Qualifications: Prof. Emeritus

  • 1976 was given the title Professor at the ECE faculty, Technion.
  • 1961 A PhD in Electrical Engineering, Technion.
  • 1956 A MSc in Electrical Engineering, Technion.
  • 1952 A BSc in Electrical Engineering, Technion.

Career Highlights at the Technion and at the ECE faculty:

  • 1989-1988, 1970: Head of the Micro-Electronic Research Center.
  • 1978-1976: Dean of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty.
  • 1962: Became a staff member of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty.

Research Fields:

  • Electro-magnetic based devices.
  • The field of electrical devices technology and numerous articles on epitaxial growth of Silicon and Germanium.
  • M.O.S. devices in Silicon.
  • Integrated Power Management Devices.
  • R.F. & A.R. devices.
  • Semi-conductors and microelectronics.


  • Has occupied the Elron/Elbit chair for electrical engineering since 1992.
  • 1995, 1991, 1987 A Visiting Professor at Carnegie Institute of Technology and the Imperial College, London.
  • 1981 A Visiting Professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
  • 1966 A Visiting Professor at Carnegie Mellon University.
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