What It Means to Be Our Partner

ECE Women Community

The quality of the relationship with the industrial sector is of paramount importance to the faculty, this is why we have created a program aimed at expanding and promoting the ties between the two. The aim of the Industrial Club is to strengthen the ties between its members and the faculty.

The club allows for collaboration in three main areas.


PR and links with the academia

  • Enhancing industrial-academic ties
  • Advertising and publicly acknowledging the partnership
  • Idea sharing in developing in yearly meetings

Human capital

The special relationship between the members of the club and the faculty will allow for a greater exposure to the human capital existing here, it shall broaden and diversify student activities within the different tracks in accordance to the needs of the companies.

קשרי תעשייה - קידום

Knowledge & Technology

  • Personal development- the company workers will be able to collaborate with engineers at the faculty, thus making new acquittances, creating new partnerships, influencing each other and sharing information.
  • Technological cooperation – exposure to leading researchers in their fields.
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