News: 03.03.2021

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The Prime Minister’s Award For Innovation In Transportation Was Awarded To Dr. Yaniv Romano.

Dr. Romano, who completed all his degrees at the Technion, joined the Technion this year as a faculty member (a joint appointment in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Computer Science) after a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University.

Yaniv received the prize for his innovative work in data science, machine learning, and signal processing. His notable contributions include statistical methodologies to guarantee the reliability of modern machine learning systems, the development of a theory to advance the understanding of the principles behind the success of deep learning, and image processing techniques to recover high-quality visual data from corrupted images. His current research focuses on the proposal of novel methods for ensuring, both theoretically and practically, the validity of the conclusions obtained via complex computational learning algorithms.

The prize is awarded to leading researchers in the field, joining or serving as faculty members in higher education institutions in Israel. The award aims at advancing smart transportation in the broad sense and is associated with a wide range of research areas, such as alternative energy sources for vehicles, advanced computing, cyber, image processing, artificial intelligence, and big data, to name a few.

Research Areas

Image & Signal Processing, Computer Vision & Bio-signalsMachine Learning


SIPL – Signal and Image Processing Lab
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