ECE Women Community

Dear faculty graduates,

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty is extremely proud of its graduates. Starting in 1938, it has released 15,000 graduate students throughout the years. These students proudly carry the name of the faculty and represent the thing we are most proud of.

It is therefore extremely important that we stay in touch (not only on the level of the Technion Alumni Association), but also on the level of the faculty. We would gladly invite you to all major events and conferences and keep you up to date as to the major scientific breakthroughs. We would also be glad to present your achievements on our website and faculty magazine as well as share the important insights that you have gathered on your work place. If you would like to stay in touch with us, please fill in the information below:

Staying in touch with us will most certainly improve the industrial ties of the faculty.

Please join and LIKE us on Facebook:

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