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Welcome to graduate studies – Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering!

We have compiled useful information for your degree.

    1. Opening an email from the Technion: Technion email is automatically opened for all applicants who do not have an active email. The Computer and Information Systems department sends a separate notification on the subject shortly after receiving the acceptance letter. The email remains the same for students who studied for a bachelor’s degree at the Technion and have a campus email. Password and email can be recovered through the computer accounts website.
    2. Regulating account details for tuition – go to the school’s website and follow the instructions: Instructions for Regulating Tuition | Graduate School (

    Only after completing all the actions will you appear as an active student, and it will be possible to process requests to register for subjects, update the scholarships and view the grade sheet.

  • In the acceptance letter and the personal printout, the name of your temporary/final supervisor appears. If you are on a research path, this is a temporary supervisor for you until you find the supervisor for the thesis. If you are on track without a thesis, this supervisor will accompany you, and you can consult with him about the curriculum. He will approve it and other requests during the degree. There is no obligation to submit a research topic with the temporary supervisor, and as soon as you find a thesis supervisor, he will be your permanent supervisor..

  • A graduate school student must pass an exam in extended English during the first semester of his studies. A student who fails or does not take the exam in the first semester of his studies must participate in the second semester of the preparatory course and pass the exam. If he does not complete the requirement by this time, he will be transferred to an “incorrect” academic status.

    In the third semester, he/she will be given another opportunity to complete the requirement. If the student fails at this time, his training will be terminated.

    The Department of Humanistic Studies and Arts is responsible for learning languages ​​at the Technion. Registration for the exam in English is the student’s responsibility in the first semester of his studies. For any request related to an English exam, please contact them directly on the Humanistic Studies Unit website. Exam dates, sample exams, and exam registration are listed there.

    For more information, visit the Graduate School website.

    1. Issuance of a new student card:

      Go to and connect with the usual Technion user.

    2. Click on the three bars student system settings button in the upper right corner  , and select the menu that will open in “personal area”.

    3. In the personal area, you can update personal details, such as telephone numbers, email, and a photo – which will appear on the new student card.
    4. After updating details, click on the “Student Card Order” button located next to “Member Student

      student card order

    5. Order a ticket – if the ticket is new, the system recognizes this, and the order reason in the menu also indicates this. When ordering, you can see how the new card will look (you can also see this by clicking on the eye icon found under “AST student student”).
    6. לאחר הזמנה מוצלחת, יתקבל מייל מן המערכת (למייל הטכניוני) על קליטת ההזמנה. לאחר שהכרטיס יודפס, יתקבל מייל נוסף, לפיו ניתן יהיה לאסוף אותו תוך יום אחד student card order email

    הערה: את הכרטיס לא בהכרח אוספים בחנות החוברות בקומה הראשונה בבית הסטודנט, אלא היכן שמחלקים ומתקפים כרטיסים. הסמסטר את הכרטיסים החדשים אספו בדלפק מול הקולנוע.

  • You must contact the supervisor and coordinate a meeting with him to submit a program for registering subjects for the semester. In the absence of the supervisor, the approval of the Vice Dean of Graduate Studies and his signature on the subject registration form must be obtained (through the Faculty Secretariat for Graduate Studies). The registration form for the subjects must be sent to the supervisor as well as a recent printout of grades. The forms signed by you and the supervisor must be sent from the Technion email only to the email of Adi

    * Emails with requests from email addresses other than your technical email will not be processed.

  • You can find the information regarding your progress toward the degree (grades/courses, etc.) in the personal printout of the grades found on the Graduate School website – under Personal Information > Grade Sheet

    You will also find the course website, mail server, ordering certificates, and more there

    In the grade sheet, the courses you are enrolled in will appear every semester, and the grades and the number of points at each stage will also be updated. You must enter the printout often to keep up to date with your academic status.

  • Each subject number at the Technion consists of 6 digits, for example (046200)

    The first two digits on the left represent the faculty code (04- Electrical Faculty Code)

    The third digit from the left represents the course level:

    04 4 XXX                      Mandatory course in certification studies

    04 5 XXX                     Elective course in certification studies

    04 6 XXX                      Joint certification course – advanced degrees

    04 7 XXX                      Joint certification course – advanced degrees

    04 8 XXX                       Advanced degree course only

    04 9 XXX                       Advanced degree course only

    For your attention: in the certification courses and the joint courses, you can take the exam on the first or second date, and you can also take the second date for an exam to correct a failure or improve a grade. In advanced degree courses, there is a second term only if an exam has been held.

  • For students on a research track, you must consult with the supervisor assigned to you regarding recommended courses and submit a research topic according to the deadline specified in the grade sheet. You are welcome to contact us by email or phone and consult about finding a supervisor in your areas of interest. In addition, you can find the list of faculty members on the faculty website.

    Research proposal for a master’s degree

    Instructions for submitting a research proposal for candidacy examination or switching to a direct path to a doctoral degree

  • During the degree there are several forms that you will be required to fill out. The forms can be downloaded from the graduate school website

    Students who stay in the laboratory for more than 8 hours are required to submit a laboratory stay form.

  • It is possible to recognize the subjects studied in a previous degree at the level of advanced degrees at the Technion or other recognized academic institutions. The submission is subject to the committee’s approval. For more information, please get in touch with the secretariat.

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