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Obligatory Seminar for Students

In order to encourage students at the beginning of their studies to expand and deepen their knowledge of subjects related to their fields of interest, students are required to actively participate (i.e., be present) in at least ten lectures in seminars held at the faculty or other faculties of the Technion, during their first year of studies. Any lecture given as part of the virtual private network services of each faculty is qualified as a seminar.
This requirement applies to all students in their first year of studies. This participation does not grant students any credit points but is required for graduation. Students are advised to consult with their advisors (temporary or permanent) before selecting the seminars.

Seminar Approval Procedure: The procedure is based on mutual trust. Each student will fill in the details of the seminars in which they participated in a designated form, and send it to the Graduate School Secretariat upon completion of the quota.
The form may be found at the following link: Forms
Notes: (1) Students who are not present at the Technion on a regular basis, will be able to extend their participation in seminars over two years, although they are advised to do so as early as possible. (2) The Faculty recommends participation in professional seminars and regards the requirement for ten seminars as a minimum requirement.

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