EMET Excellence Program

ECE Women Community

Are you aiming at research and excellence? If the answer is yes, then our excellence track is destined for you!

The purpose of the program is to allow students to make the most of their potential by exposing them to the different scientific fields studied at the faculty such as (Electronics, Computers and Communication- in Hebrew their acronym is EMET אמ”ת) and to further develop the tools required for research and work in the industry.

Each student starting research will be assigned with a personal supervisor-out of the advisory team- and will benefit from a tailor-made, unique study program, granting its graduates not only with a B.Sc. but also with an “excellence track certification diploma” as well as a speedy admission to postgraduate studies at ECE. This will pave their way to technological leadership in academia and in industry.

During the school year, 4 enriching academic encounters exposing the participants to the research at the faculty shall be proposed. This will broaden their horizons and open them to various future possibilities. This is extremely important for the students as it serves as their safety net and a spring-board for success. In addition to the academic aspects, we also know how to have fun!! A trip creating bonding opportunities and fun shall be held yearly, a room at the faculty for the students on the program will always be available, thus allowing them to study, meet-up and take a short break…

All this and much more will be offered on the program…

Special Room For Learning And Games

Special room for learning and games
Special room for learning and games

Trip Once A Year – A Graffiti Trip

Trip once a year - a graffiti trip
Trip once a year - a graffiti trip
Trip once a year - a graffiti trip

Enrichment Sessions With Faculty Members

Enrichment Sessions With Faculty Members

Our Team

Yuval Cassuto photo

Head of the Program

Prof. Yuval Cassuto

Phone: +972-4-829-4642

Office: Meyer, 917


Program coordinator

Timor Benari-shuster

Phone: +972-4-829-4779

Office: Meyer, 254-1


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