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About The Program

The Electrical and Computer Engineering excellence program is aimed at outstanding students interested in research. The aim of the program is to encourage academic excellence and provide the students with the right set of research tools gearing them up towards postgraduate research.

In addition to a B.Sc. in one of the faculty tracks, the graduates of the program will be accredited with a certificate of the “Research and Excellence Program” and automatically admitted to postgraduate studies at ECE.

The students at the program will participate in research projects supervised by the members of the faculty, and will take postgraduate courses during their B.Sc. studies. Admission to the program is based on personal achievements and on passing an interview.

Admission requirements

Students who have gathered up to 80 points will join the program based on the average of their grades and on passing an interview in the beginning of each academic school year. Moreover, applicants with particularly high entry level grades will be able to apply to the program as soon as they begin their studies at the faculty.

Ongoing academic requirements

During their studies on the excellence program, students must accumulate not less than 18 points per semester and are expected to obtain an overall average (to be set upon admission), equating to the 7 per cent of top student-achievers at the faculty.

In order to be entitled to the certificate of a “Graduate of the ECE Excellence Program with an Emphasis on Research”, the students must graduate with extremely high grades, thus meeting the requirements for getting a scholarship on the postgraduate level at the faculty.

Research activities on the program

Students on the excellence track will conduct a research project as part of the course entitled “Research Project for Excellence Students 1”, worth 4 academic points. In addition, they will be able to participate in a second research project (or adversely transform their initial project into a yearly one), as part of the course “Research Project for Excellence Students 2”, which in turn will also be worth 4 academic points. The second research project (should this option be chosen) will replace the obligatory course entitled “Second Project”.

Postgraduate courses

All the students on the program shall be required to take the “Introduction to Faculty Research” course, during their 3rd year and at least one postgraduate course starting with the code 048/049 (in accordance with the personal supervisor).

Academic supervision and instruction

From the seventh semester on, each excellence student shall be assigned with a personal supervisor amongst the faculty’s academic staff members. The personal supervisor will provide the student with support and academic guidance and will help the student coordinate the postgraduate elective courses (starting with the course code of 048, 046). The various activities on the program, alongside the help provided by the academic staff member heading it, will allow for an optimal choice of the student’s future research supervisor, based on his or hers areas of interest.

The benefits of the program:

Students on the program will be proposed with various tailor-made activities and will benefit from the “Meyer Scholarship”. The scholarship will be granted on a yearly basis to the students who have met the requirements necessary.

  • The participants of the program are entitled to all the benefits bestowed upon excellence students at the faculty. For example, on the Electrical Engineering track such students will be able to choose their own specialization group. In addition to the research project, other disciplines shall be chosen allowing for more flexibility enhanced by the guidance and support of the student’s personal supervisor.
  • A yearly come-together trip will be offered to the participants as part of the program-allowing for some bonding and creating an exciting experience.
  • When embarking upon the program, the students will receive a brand-new computer (lent by the faculty) in a ceremony at the presence of the Dean and of the academic faculty member curating the program.
  • The students on the program will be granted access to a special room where they can meet-up, study, play and just engage in recreational activities.
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