Planning and Design

ECE Women Community

Our workhouse boasts a team of designer engineers ready to meet various needs. We can design objects and projects using CAD programs, get the client’s feedback and finally move on to the production stages.

At the workhouse, design is a combination of the existing production means, of the various materials needed for the project as well as the demands of the clients.

The planning stages may include the creation of new parts and items or the alteration of already existing of-the-shelf products. In addition, we also make items or repair parts for existing equipment that needs fixing.

Our knowledge and experience are instrumental in helping us plan a wide array of items and replacement parts. Should the workshop crew lack some specific technological knowledge, we are to acquire it by using the professional literature at hand, by learning from the internet and by consulting experts at and outside the Technion. The aim of the workshop is to provide an available technological solution that is simple to produce and maintain while catering for the needs of the clients.

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