Manufacturing and Production

ECE Women Community

The workshop is fully equipped, ready to manufacture different items and replacement parts as well as execute projects based on the demands of the clients.

The workshop boasts a chip processing department, a non-machining department, a locksmith department, a 3-D printing department as well as a mechanical assembly department.

The chip processing department has a milling and lathing machine allowing for the production of replacement parts made out of different materials and based on different demands.

The non-machining department has different rolling-pins and perforating tools that help produce various metallic replacement parts.

The locksmith department at the workshop provides welding or various other types of different material and size joining services, with most of the work being mainly executed in aluminum and steel. There is yet another option for pieces executed in wood or plastic combined with various other materials.

Mechanical assembly is the final stage of producing the parts by using different technologies. The workshop team then puts the various parts of the project together, tests for standardization and quality, and finally makes sure that the setting-up as well as the activation stages have been executed to the satisfaction of the clients.

Quality control is being strictly observed in all the manufacturing stages with an additional emphasis prior to delivery. All the manufacturing stages are executed while maintaining high-standards and under permanent quality control in accordance to mechanical sketches and technological standards.

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