Research Ethics Exam

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Research Ethics Required Course 

All graduate students who are studying towards a research tracks, as well as students who will pursue a direct Ph.D. track, will be required to study the ” Research Ethics ” course (218000). It is required to successfully passing the final examination in order to submit any research topic or research abstract. Students who are admitted to the research track are advised to enroll to this course during the first semester of their studies. Students enrolled to the Electrical Engineering MEE degree (without a thesis) who wish to submit a research topic and switch to the research track, are requested to contact the graduate studies secretariat.

The course is delivered online. The learning materials, assignments, discussion groups, and final examination, are conducted from distance, via the course website. that can be accessed through the Technion’s Moodle system at:

A passing grade will be given to students who complete the learning assignments according to the guidelines and pass the final examination.

For questions or request for support, please contact:

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