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 Academic programs and majors for B.Sc. degree

The faculty of EE offers undergraduate academic programs for B.Sc. degree in four majors:

There is an option for an additional degree (in mathematics, physics, economics, etc.). See details in Regulation 3.2.2 of the Undergraduate Studies Regulations. A full list of the majors and specialization groups in each of the majors is available in the Undergraduate Studies Catalog (PDF in Hebrew).

Registration is through the Registration and receipt site. After selecting the major, the process of selecting the specialization groups is not simple, and therefore there is a large array of faculty members available to you for consultation, as well as on the subject of student exchange, first year of studies, deliberation about termination of studies and more, and you are welcome to contact them. In addition, each year during the spring semester, the faculty represents a series of reviews of the specialization groups and majors given by the faculty members.

The full list of subjects in the EE faculty, including syllabi, is available on the Undergraduate Studies site. In order to ensure ongoing learning without unnecessary problems, you must plan your studies on time and pay attention to registration dates and dates of the changes period published on the said site. The recommended system is structured in such a way as to enable the completion of the degree successfully and on time. It is highly recommended to stick to it especially during the first year of studies. Please avoid overloading. Concentrate on your studies and try to reduce external tasks (such as work).

Elective courses from other faculties (in Hebrew)  (recognized as non-faculties).


Moodle – The personal courses website.

Gmarim – Inquiry about Undergraduation Course Completion

Exams – Inquiry about exam dates according to course number.

Quizzes – Inquiry about the dates of exams according to course number.

Look for courses in the link below.

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