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Distinction Given to an Oxide Electronics Paper

Congratulations to our MSc student Dror Miron and his coauthors, for having their paper highlighted in the Journal of Applied Physics. The paper was recently included in a list of 12 research papers which the journal highlighted as Top 2019 Editor’s Picks. According to the statement, these papers “were chosen by Journal of Applied Physics Editors as some of the most important research published in the journal last year.” It is estimated that JAP publish over 1,600 papers per year.

The paper “Understanding leakage currents through Al2O3 on SrTiO3” looks at an old problem of leakage currents through insulators. In their work the authors examined this problem in the context of Oxide Electronics, a new field that seeks to harness the rich physics of some oxide materials towards new practical devices, such as novel transistors and sensors. The paper proposes a new concept for pinpointing the physical mechanisms of leakage, and proposes design guidelines for future oxide transistors.

The work was conducted at the Oxide Electronics Lab headed by Asst. Prof. Lior Kornblum, in close collaboration with Asst. Prof. Eilam Yalon. The paper was further coauthored by Dr. Maria Baskin and Dr. Igor Krylov, and the work was performed at the Sarah and Moshe Zisapel Nano-Electronic Center and the Wolfson Microelectronics Center, and funded by the Israeli Science Foundation.


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