Micro-electronics & Nano-electronics

ECE Women Community
  • Low dimensional electronic and optoelectronic devices
  • Quantum engineering
  • Oxide Electronics
  • Power Electronics
  • Non-crystalline materials and devices

Research in the Micro and Nano-electronics is carried out at the level of the key “building blocks” of electronics, such as transistors, diodes, memristors, and memory cells. The field is at the intersection between physics, chemistry & materials science and circuits, architecture & systems. As such, the research combines fundamental and applied aspects, for example by leveraging unique properties of materials for certain applications and functions, or deepening the understanding of the principle of operation of devices by advanced characterization. The Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Technion includes advanced micro-fabrication and characterization facilities, both at the micro-nano fabrication unit (MNFU) and at the principal investigators’ labs. The research is carried out in a wide range of topics, including organic materials devices (e.g. for transparent and flexible electronics), nano-materials and oxide electronics, logic and memory devices, power devices, quantum engineering devices, micro and nano electro mechanical systems (MEMS\NEMS), and more.

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Computers Reimagined
Jan 11,2023

Computers Reimagined

Prof. Shahar Kvatinsky designs brain-inspired computer hardware and teaches it to recognize handwriting Since they became part of our...
Dr. Aleksey Dyskin was awarded the 2021 Chillag Awards.
Dec 18,2022

Dr. Aleksey Dyskin was awarded the 2021 Chillag Awards.

The faculty congratulates Dr. Aleksey Dyskin, who was awarded the ” Chillag Award” for 2021. The ” Chillag Award”...
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