Communication & Information Theory

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Research in the communications and information area is dedicated to developing theoretical concepts and approaches, models, techniques and algorithms for information measures, processing, communication, computation, and storage, broadly constructed, with focus on mathematical aspects of communication systems and networks.
The research in this area plays a leading role in the development of the foundations of information and coding theory, statistical signal processing, and their relevance to all communications domains: wired, wireless optical and others. The research scope addresses timely basic problems including:

  1.  Fundamental limits in multiuser communications
  2.  Modern communications and coding. Coding problems in networking, storage and computation.
  3.  Fundamental limits in source coding problems. Universal source coding.
  4. Relations between Information Theory and Machine Learning.
  5. Practical communications and information aspects
  6. Information theoretic data security and adversarial attack immunity.

The Communications-Information research field is central to current and future practical communications technologies and it reflects broad and also interdisciplinary aspects, connecting to: computer sciences, statistics and probability theory (large deviation aspects), physics (with focus on statistical physics) and mathematics (measure theory, optimization, combinatorics, random graphs and matrices).

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Dr. Aleksey Dyskin was awarded the 2021 Chillag Awards.
Dec 18,2022

Dr. Aleksey Dyskin was awarded the 2021 Chillag Awards.

The faculty congratulates Dr. Aleksey Dyskin, who was awarded the ” Chillag Award” for 2021. The ” Chillag Award”...
Second place in the prestigious competition
Jul 12,2022

Second place in the prestigious competition

Doctoral student Erez Zolkov won second place in the prestigious global competition “IEEE RFIC 2022 best student paper”. Erez...
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