Computers & Computer Networks

ECE Women Community
  • Computer architecture and operating systems
  • Storage systems
  • Computer networks
  • Distributed systems
  • Formal methods
  • Security

The scope of areas traditionally known as “computer architecture” and “computer systems” has broadened tremendously over the last decade, and is now faced with new challenges requiring a broad toolset and overreaching insights. In terms of technology, the stagnation of Moore’s Law challenges the ubiquitous von Neumann computing model and calls for designing new computer systems comprising novel processing models and compute accelerators. Furthermore, the advent of new memory technologies has introduced new opportunities to improve compute performance and escape traditional capacity bottlenecks. 

Collectively, our computer networks and computer engineering groups cover a broad spectrum of topics ranging from low-level hardware and storage architectures and accelerators, via operating systems to computer and storage networks, and further to security and formal methods, high-level software applications such as blockchains, distributed systems protocols and algorithms.

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Congratulations to Professor Mark Silberstein.
Jan 25,2023

Congratulations to Professor Mark Silberstein.

IEEE Micro Top Picks – selected two of the articles he wrote in 2022, one as a Top Pick...
Computers Reimagined
Jan 11,2023

Computers Reimagined

Prof. Shahar Kvatinsky designs brain-inspired computer hardware and teaches it to recognize handwriting Since they became part of our...
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