Information For Graduate Students

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Information and Resources for Graduate students

1. The following spaces are available for your convenience:

  • Fishbach 240(TESLA), Fishbach 341(ADA), Meyer 207(Nyquist) (below the Library).
  • Entrance to the open studying spaces is done by using the student card which is encoded automatically. If NOT please contact the maintenance department at Meyer Building, room 251 or by tel. 4776.

2. Open/Close Login Accounts

  • Technion Account
  • Faculty domain account
    • You will need to fill a form with your personal details to open an account on EED (for Graduate only).
  • Computer accounts on laboratory computers
    • please contact the laboratory supervisor.
  • When graduated and signing an official form of completing your degree:
    • Technion account will be changed to alumni domain.
    • EED account will be closed and the saved content in section “drive Z” (your “home” folder) will be deleted.
    • Lab accounts are treated according to the lab policy (contact your laboratory supervisor)

3. Printers

Printing services are based on the EED domain account. More info here Printing Services.

Following list of printers:

  • eyer 673: KP-673 and EP-673 Black/white double sided, CP-673 Color.
  • Meyer 851: JP-851 and XP-851 Black/white double sided, LC-851 Color.
  • Wolfson 209: WOLFSON-209-BW Black/white double sided.
  • Zisapel 450: ZISAPEL-450-COLOR Color.
  • Zisapel 471: ZISAPEL-471-BW Black/white double sided.
  • Zisapel 570: ZISAPEL-570-BW Black/white double sided.
  • May use the printers located at the open spaces using the credit cards/Student ID card.

The cards may be loaded with printing credit using cash in the automatic machines which located in the “Bet Hastudent”. For more details and printing options please refer to Asat Web Page.

4. More information about computer services such as: Wifi, access to files in the account can be found at the faculty website

5. For additional problems and other requests or questions you may send an email (in English) to


for EED users use the following link to open a helpdesk request.

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