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  1. Office 365 cloud services
  2. What does Office365 cloud services include?
  3. How to connect to the cloud services
  4. From where can I connect to Cloud Services?
  5. Managing e-mail from the web
  6. Outlook Configuration
  7. Re-connecting to the Server cloud
  8. Automatic Vacation Message

Office 365 services

Technion is using Office365 cloud services for email and office. The service ia available to all faculty members, employees, graduate students and undergraduate students.

Office365 Cloud services include:

  • A 50G volume exchange mailbox includes managing calendar , contacts (list of entire Technion) and tasks.
  • 1T volume on OneDrive with the option to share (similar to dropbox).
  • Office 365 for installation on 5 computers or tablets / laptops, including license management.
  • Complete web interface to office365 apps.

and more:

  1. Microsoft 365 Apps – Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Access
  2. Email and calendar – Outlook, Exchange, Booking
  3. Meeting – Teams
  4. Social and intranet – Sharepoint, Yammer
  5. Files abd Contents – OneDrive, Stream, Sway, Lists
  6. Task management – PowerApps, PowerAutomate, Planner, ToDo
  7. Advanced Analytics – MyAnalytics, Power BI Pro

Full list and additional explanations can be found at Microsoft 365 with Office apps | Microsoft 365

How do I connect to the cloud services?

  • If you have a local technion account – you may skip to step 4.
  • Please contact the computing unit in request to open a Technion account.
  • Opening an account takes about 50 minutes to be fully operational.
  • Connect to the cloud and all services including the mailbox (Can be done independently) By using the technion username+password:
    • User:
    • Pass: technion password

Please note that all email address are OK and linked to the same mailbox:


Connecting to cloud services can be done from

  • Desktop / laptop computer – using Outlook software and technion credentials ie technion user name and password Or with some other software that supports Imaps (But then, some of the services will not be available, such as contacts and calendar).
  • Browser- by browsing to .
  • Tablets / Phones– by setting up an exchange mailbox account and connecting to the server .
  • You can connect to all additional services, such as Onedrive, from the web interface or Using dedicated software , as onedrive for business And then it will be installed on the end device such as computer/tablet/phone, if it is not already installed.

Managing E-mail From The Web

You can manage your e-mail from the web. Your starting point is:

Outlook Configuration

How to configurate Outlook 2019 mail client to Office365 mail server (PDF in Hebrew).

Re-connecting to the Server cloud

How to re-connect to the cloud (PDF in Hebrew).

Automatic Vacation Message

How to set an automatic Vacation message (PDF in Hebrew).

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