Information For Undergraduate Students

Information and Resources for Undergraduate Students

Self-Study Spaces

  • Located at room 240 (TESLA), 341 (ADA) (Fishbach Building), Meyer Library, room 207 (Nyquist) (below library).
  • Entrance to the self-study space requires Student ID card.
  • All spaces (except Library) are open 24/7 (including holidays) and has WIFI coverage.
  • Eligible to use the Self Study Space:
    • All students in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.
    • Technion students in the integrated program in electrical engineering (015, 025)
    • Students from other faculties, who also take one or more of the faculty’s courses. Please note that for these categories, access rights will automatically start upon signing up for a course and canceled once completing a course.

Computer Account Management


Services provided by Technion CIS – Computer Information Services


Your account is private and personal and is only for academic use.

You should never, under any circumstances allow another person access to your account!!!

Never reply any email asking for your details and password!!! it is a phishing email.

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