Printing Services

ECE Women Community

Faculty Printers

The Electrical Engineering Faculty offers print services via WINDOWS servers. Access to these printers is distributed and all account owners on the faculty Windows Domains are eligible to use them.

All printers are configured automatically when you login to the computers that are connected to the windows domain EED and/or EF.

Undergraduate students may use the printers in the PCFARM and in the Library using the credit cards/Student ID card with printing. The cards may be loaded with printing credit using cash in the automatic machines which located in the “Bet Hastudent”. For more details and printing options please refer to Asat Web Page.

For Faculty, Employees and Graduate Students, if your computer is not connected to any of our windows domain, you may need to configure it manually, using the following instructions:

Setting Up a Network Printer

How to setup a network printer. (PDF – For windows)

Linux/MAC Printing

  • How to print from Linux? Please refer to helpdesk.
  • How to print from Mac? Please refer to helpdesk.
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